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We are always in tune with nature and our products reflect that

Honey Hair and Makeup

The inspiration behind honey hair started with my bees. My mother and I decided to get a beehive a few years ago to help with pollinating her garden and to contribute help in the problem of declining bee populations world wide.

I found myself falling in love with these fascinating and industrious little creatures and tried to learn as much as could about them. When it came time to extract the honey from the frames I found I had another valuable product, the sweet honey infused wax!

This led to me making my first lip balms which turned out so well soon everyone I knew was asking me when I was going to make more. I have made added soap hand creams and body balms to the products I have made from bees wax and have now started to experiment with making mineral make-up.


Having worked in cosmetic retail for three years, I gained a keen understanding of the myths and hype consistently used in cosmetic advertising. It has been very gratifying to be able to control what is going into my products as well as feeling confident about the claims I make about them.


Moisturizing Lip Balm

Honey-hair-lip-balm_lgThis combination of beeswax and sweet almond oil is luxuriously moisturizing and our most requested product!

Our Lip Balm comes in 5 flavors; orange, cotton candy, strawberry honeydew and plain.


Hand Cream

Honey-Hair-Hand-Cream_lgLanolin and bees wax based heavy duty hand cream is especially good for gardeners or anyone who has very dry chapped hands.


Body Balm





Best ever! Goes on dry, silky texture, long lasting protection and all natural ingredients.




Contains activated charcoal for the to give it

the most opaque thick black lashes.


Artisan Beeswax Soap

Honey-Hair-Beewax Soap

Comes in a variety of scents and textures.

Soap Scents

Mineral Eye Shadow

The colours I have right now are a vivid pretty purple and a soft mossy green.

They are made from iron oxides and mineral micas.


Our Shades

Mineral Face Powder

This buildable  formulation can be used sparingly

as a setting powder or buffed into the skin for a full coverage effect.